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From The Desk Of : Abs Ravji
Subject : Thousands of backlinks, at a touch of a button

Dear Friend,

Today I present to you a solution to eliminate the need of tedious backlink building, a solution to grow your websites exposure, a solution to eliminate the need of subscription based backlink packages, a solution to give your website wings to fly past your competition and gain high search engine rankings while having the ability to scrape the search engines for thousands of high authority backlinks and pull them back with the touch of a button!!

Explode your sites pottential and never worry about competition again

~Auto Backlink Bomb~

Your Automated Backlinks Software Tool for Search Engine Optimization

Watch the account creation and auto email verification Below

Watch the Posting of the backlinks

So what does the software do?

The software has been programmed to work with 6 very famous platforms -

  • MyBB
  • Expression Engine
  • PhpFox
  • Elgg
  • SMF
  • PhpBB

These platforms are very popular and are used by literally thousands of websites around the net. So any of the above named platform urls fed into the software will work. The software will auto create your accounts using spinnable usernames - automatically verify emails and then auto post your backlinks- The software takes it one step further by Mashing up your profile and blog urls into 1 giant Rss Feed and then pinging it to the top Ping sites for Rapid Indexing - Did I mention how the software will submit your Rss Feed to 10 powerfull Rss sites? Welll it does that too :-)

Best of all you can have your captchas filled out automatically and spin your Username and text to ensure you are posting and creating using unique text.

Building backlinks has never been easier

So what are the features?

seo software tickBuilds thousands of backlinks accross 6 famous platforms

seo software tickCreates signature, Bio and contextual blog links

seo software tick You can spin your usernames

seo software tickMashes up your profile and blog url's into one giant Rss feed then  pings  them to the top            ping sites to ensure your backlinks get indexed in realtime

seo software tickAuto Captcha solving

seo software tickAuto email verification using pop3 script with upto 64 threads

seo software tick Compiles a report for the posted backlinks

seo software tickSubmits your Rss feed to 10 top Rss sites -

seo software tickPulls back a detailed Rss feed submission report

seo software tickWorks with proxies - randomly rotates on each signup

seo software tickAll links are do follow and crawlable

seo software tickLight weight and runs whilst minimized

seo software tick Passes over page rank and link juice

seo software tickexcellent success rate

seo software tickStart your own backlink service

seo software tickSupports spinned syntax and nested syntax

seo software tickno need to buy saturated backlink packages again

seo software tickBacklinks placed on different c class ip’s

seo software tickAdds profile images on certain platforms

seo software tick Creates AOL-GMX and AOL email accounts


Full video tutorials available to ensure your set to go from the moment you download your

Link building Software

I'm one of the luckiest person to have a free run on this application and I must say its just simple but pretty powerful in terms of linkbuilding to the four site platforms stated.

The bot runs very smoothly and very fast unlike any other ubot compiled scripts which is very buggy and full of errors. The package also consists of all the bots you need in your linkbuilding campaigns which is very helpful cause you don't need another bot to buy for scraping or for email verification. I have some success for my first run last night following the instructions.

abs really did a good job on creating these bots and all the things he said and showed in the videos are perfectly run by the bots. I don't have anything else to say cause when you use these bots, I'm pretty sure all your expectations will be meet or even surpassed.

Three Thumbs Up on this one... Cheers


I bought this software 2 weeks ago and have already created over 4000 backlinks - its so quick and easy to create links with that im actually scared that I am over doing it lol..

I also have scrapebox but tested out the Link finder that comes with the software - all I have to say is wow - its actually faster then using scrapebox.

Honestly guys grab yourselves a bargain - this is one of the if not the best seo link building tool I have purchased - It actually gives Senuke a run for its money and is a great alternative to it.

Not to mention the great bonuses that came with it -

Please note that I am not a affiliate of this product - just giving credit where credit is due


Jason Smith

backlinks tool

I think this is the best software I've purchased ever...the support is overwhelming which it's hard to find in other products. Abs provides good support and his software rocks! I'd like to recommend this to everybody...It's hard to find a product like this one and the accompanying support it offers. Thanks Abs! You're really great!!!


backlink software


Watch the RSS submission below

seo software header
seo software footer

Watch the RSS Masher and Pinger in action

seo software header
seo software footer


All the platforms work different to each other and the backlinks obtained will consist of both blog contextual backlinks profile bio backlinks and also signature backlinks to ensure you get a diversity of link juice.

To get you started I have compiled a list of over 1500+ backlinks ready to run through the bot from the minute you purchase

The page rank of the urls can be seen in the bonus Link scraper video below

Auto backlink bomb

But wait there is more – Continue to read to find out why this is the #1 spoken about backlink software on the market today

You just command the bot what to do and it will go and do it for you – it also works whilst minimized allowing you to carry out more important work

seo software guarantee

If your not happy with the software then all you need to do is send us an email within 30 days and you will get 100% of your money back- Cant say fairer then that!!

Limited time offer - Price due to increase

seo bot guarantee
backlinks tool

Hey man, after buying and trying this software I though I'll write a little post to let you know what I think about it....
all I can say is, whaooooo man, this thing really works, hundreds of backlinks just like that, and best thing is that you only pay once, can you believe it, all the other software you buy will charge you monthly, so what have you got to loose, there is a money back guaranty as well, it can't get better.!


backlink software


If this isnt enough to get you going then let me give you a reason to never think twice!

View the video below to find out why you will never need to worry about backlinks again

seo backlink software image

I must warn you though that I will be taking this offer down very soon, so hit the buy now button below before i take this offer down!

The link Scraper will work with any footprints you would like it to scrape

~Never again pay for backlinks!~

No Longer On Sale

Join our updates for the new SEO Marketing Suite
coming out in the spring of 2012 which will include
a new update version of the forum poster.


backlinks tool

I have to chime in here and say what a great software program this is. I am thrilled to have these new platforms to post to and the software works beautifully without any help on my part. I can just set it up and it takes over. How sweet is that?

But the best part is the support that comes with the software. Abs is awesome at answering questions quickly and thoroughly. You can tell he's really interested in people having the best experience with his software.

He's also open to adding features that are suggested so obviously he's committed to making a great software even better.

Thanks to Steve for starting this thread - otherwise, I'd never have found this.

Thanks to Abs for being so patient with me


backlink software


But Wait there is more!

You can promote your money site – your own articles or even affiliate offers – One thing which I find very important is to keep track of your rankings – so as a result today you will get a very special bonus!


Track your rankings with this unique Google rank checker bot – Just enter your url and keyword – hit play and let the software tell you what position you rank on – quick easy and hands free!

seo backlink software video
seo software videos


If you want to give your hubpages steroids and launch them to the top of the SERPS and benefit from endless quality traffic then pay attention!!! This free Bonus is just what your looking for Valued at $47.97

seo backlink software video
seo software videos

Still not sure? See what others are saying!

backlinks tool

OK guys, i got this a few days ago,and all i can say is, this is one of the best software i have used, that works, Abs has been great with support and in helping me out with some techy stuff i got wrong with the spinning of text. all working great now. also my internet provider has been down for 3 weeks now, and i have been runing this software using a dongle and its working, can not wait to see how it runs when i get my 6mb back up.

all the best Abs




backlink software
backlink software testimonial

I bought the product yesterday and kept it on over night - When I checked the compiled report I was very pleased to see that the software had a great success rate and worked just as described.

Abs has done a great job with the coding and as a result I will be keeping my eye out for more of his tools

well done Abs

Terry Watson

seo software testimonial
software testimonial

I was very skeptical to purchase the software as the price tag was very low and never really knew what to expect - After reading the many positive testimonials on the forum I decided to jump in -

Im so glad that I did and still cant belive that this software is priced so cheap - I have already unsubscribed to many backlink packages and other seo softwares.

Am very pleased with the purchase



software testimonial
software testimonial

I recently purchased Auto Backlink Bomb which is basically a forum profile link submitter which does everything for you it seems. With it you can register for forums which run on MyBB, SMF, Elgg and Expression Engine as well as the PhPfox platform. It already comes with some links built in for you (about 1500 links in total), but with the software you also get a link finder for scraping links from the above forum types, as well as a good guide on using it and a HubPages comment poster.

As I say, it does…everything. A nice touch that I found was that it adds a picture to your profile for you (you just have to replace it inside the program folder with the picture you want) but it also verifies your emails for you (considering you've used Yahoo which you can set up an email address from within the program also), and the speed this thing does it is quite amazing. I literally had signed up for about 150 Expression Engine sites in about an hour, verification was really quick and the backlinks took less than an hour I'd say.

I was quite astonished as I had bought the product because, yes it looked good, but at the price it's currently at of about $40, it seemed like a risk I was willing to take, but I am amazed by it. In my opinion it should cost more. And it's RIDICULOUSLY easy to use. I'm not hugely tech minded but I found my way around the software very easily.

The only things I wasn't sure of was the fact that you can't get it to not signup for captcha required sites, as I don't have a decaptcher account (which can be added to the software incidentally), though I really should, and would like to leave it running overnight. I suggested this to the developer and he emailed me back quickly saying he'll implement it on the next update. You can add the captchas yourself though, a box will pop up for you to fill out.

It also has an RSS Masher and Pinger which I haven't played with yet, but I'm sure they'll work as well as the rest of it.

I wanted to post a review up to share it with you guys as I think it's an essential tool to have for profile backlinking. Check it out if you can. I'm not affiliate with the software or the developer in any way, I just really love this software.


software testimonial
software testimonial

I bought this baby and I'm simply IMPRESSED. I would give ABS 10/10 as UBot Developer, simply amazing, speechless.
The price is a STEAL...

From now on I would buy any of ABS bots.

Keep on developing man!!!


software testimonial
software testimonial

Warrior's, I'm not going to get anything done today until I get this off my chest.

For the last week I've been coming back to this thread repeatedly, every half hour or so hoping to see new posts and reviews. I haven't been disappointed.

Yesterday I pulled the trigger and purchased this bot but not after doing my due diligence. I scoured the web looking for any reviews or info that might stop me from making the purchase. $50.00 is my self imposed limit on any IM purchase nowaday's. I've been burned so many times in the last 8 or 9 years with bad purchases that I can taste it. What I found was all positive with the 1 or 2 exceptions that exist in this thread. I found Abs on a couple other forums that I frequent finding all of those threads positive as well.

I have a set of criteria that I follow now after any major (or minor for that matter) purchase. The support has to be as close to immediate as realistically possible. If there is a forum associated with the product it has to be active. I want to see at the least several new posts a day. If there is a problem with the product I want to see it addressed quickly, or at least acknowledged by the developer. I don't want to see any 'Must Have' upsells, this point alone will stop me dead in my tracks from going through with a purchase or asking for a refund. I want to be kept informed of any issues in development either positive or negative. If there's an update tell me about it immediately, don't wait until a half dozen other problems are fixed before notifying me of an update. I want the opportunity to decide for myself if I want to go through with the process of updating the software either now, or later. I want to see other customers happy about there purchase. I have to be reasonably assured that the development isn't going to stop anytime soon, and if it does, I want the program to still work as advertised.

All of these points above have to be fulfilled, or I am not a happy camper!

I'm to embarrassed to tell all of you how many multiple thousands of dollars I've spent on worthless products and info that didn't hold up to my expectations. I have also purchased some outstanding products that I can't say enough good things about.

I've been a member here at the WF since 2003 and feel that my BS meter is finely tuned at his point.

So, with all that being said.... What would I tell you about ABB.


Abs and ABB are the real deal! Every expectation I had has been exceeded... And it's only one day after my purchase! (no upsells, one update, and two informative emails)

There is a bit of a learning curve with ABB but don't let this keep you from the investment.

Now I can get on with my day.


software testimonial


No Longer On Sale

Join our updates for the new SEO Marketing Suite
coming out in the spring of 2012 which will include
a new update version of the forum poster.





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【中古】中古部品 デミオ DY5W リアマフラー 【12839544】

【中古】中古部品 デミオ DY5W リアマフラー 【12839544】

 民進党の前原代表は今月行われる衆議院選挙について、前原誠司 代表)